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With talented graphic designers, web developers, videographers and photographers, SEEN PR’s creative team generates attention-getting Press/Marketing Collateral to fit your style and communicate your message the right way.  Whether you need an artist Press Kit for media, an eye-catching Marketing/Information Packet for potential investors, or new Product Information kits, SEEN PR will develop the right look and feel just for you.


Today’s PR and Marketing space is more competitive than ever before. Social Media marketing has edged itself to a top spot in the realm of branding campaigns. Yet, social media alone is not always the answer. SEEN PR offers a team that can mix and match marketing media in order to optimize your campaigns potential. We properly apply applications of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase your online visibility and relevance. Add in our effective market research teams for correct understanding of your target market along with our ongoing relationships with print publications and social media outlets; The result is a top-notch campaign that drives your brand to all the right places and increases your market influence.



Your business objectives may be centered in one geographical area as you get started, but as you grow opportunities may increase your market footprint around the globe.  SEEN PR is lucky to have staff on both coasts of our great nation, as well as outlets in Central and South America.  With our constant push to create a global “PR Coalition” we also have cutting edge relationships with PR and Marketing specialists in Europe and Asia that extend our teams.  There isn’t a location we can’t travel to or cover for you.  All the while we assure that your campaign will remain effective while also addressing cultural and commercial practices appropriate for your international needs.



artist |ˈärtist| noun

  • • a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.
  • • a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker.
  • • a person skilled at a particular task or occupation.
  • • a performer, such as a singer, actor, or dancer. can be used to describe a broad social group

Thus, “artist” can be used to describe a broad group of talented and exceptional people. From the grace of a high-flying, tongue-waggin Michael Jordan dunk, to the devout way YoYo Ma approaches the cello, to the intensity and drive in a musician on a 120 day concert tour, or an architect or chemist on the brink of their product introduction; All of them are artists, and we support them all. They require a PR team that is able to keep the pace by staying one step ahead to assure their market they are important and connected to the creative process. SEEN PR is that team. From branding a concert production, to a new musical release, to a gallery opening, to product introductions, to press management of a personal event, or a gossip/smear control campaign; SEEN PR works hand-in-hand with the artist, management, agents, and business teams as an integrated member of the solution. Your campaign is our campaign. Your success is our success.