SEEN PR’s – PRSYNDICATE™ is a collaboration and networking effort to join forces with other PR/Marketing/Communications Firms in countries and markets around the globe. No one person or organization can be an “the absolute expert” in every market. Nor can only one firm harbor the “holy grail” of contact lists with every outlet worldwide. We strongly believe that through cooperation and collaboration we can better service our clients, expand the quality of our service around the globe, and create effective international momentum for our clients from China to California, from Canada to Buenos Aires. If you are interested in joining and becoming a member, please submit your contact info along with corporate collateral or web address to allow us to make contact and get to know each other. Facilitating global partnerships through quality relationships is our goal.  Let's connect!


SEEN PR’s style of “in-house” support has created successful collaboration and expansion efforts based on teamwork and trust. Best of all we’ve generated lasting friendships. We are honored to have supported many organizations along their path towards greatness. Here is a list of some of our honored teammates!